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Apologies to you if we've mashed your heads up. But we do it out of love not ill will. Even if you think its misguided.

9bars, ounces of amphetamine, bags of microdots, pills, crack, HMYOI, insanity, loss of associates, etc. we are not ignorant of. We have done this cos we found someone who spoke directly into our scene and wanted to introduce you to Him. Of many contacts made and experiences had, meeting Jesus has been the most intense and lasting pleasure.

Here are some quotes we like in meanwhile...

Carington Briggs cared not two figs,
whether he lived or died.
But when he was dead he sat on his bed,
and he cried, and he cried, and he cried.
‘Doctor, I need more valium to help me sleep. I go to bed at eight and I'm out like a light until dawn. I have a widdle and sleep like a log until eleven, drowse a bit until two—but I'm afraid I just toss and turn all afternoon.’ ...from a cartoon
‘I was a walking bankroll, wearing $150,000 worth of jewelry and carrying as much as $40,000 cash in my pockets. Yet when my friends asked, ‘How are you doing?’ I'd sometimes reply, ‘Miserable. I hate every second of my life.’’
Jorge Valdés, US head of the Medellin cartel, late 70s
‘What I really wanted was a life that was worth living.
It hurt me so bad when I would hear of friends that I grew up with over-dosing on drugs and never having that second chance at life.’
seg, inmate, USA

Please don't think that cos we have used colourful graphics we are not in complete earnest. Reality, our Master & the Future is colourful, and we like colour!

Here are some transformed lives - all x-drug dealers, users, prostitutes: