project dreams & aims

The aim is:

  1. to promote Jesus Christ with crystal clarity;
  2. to expose the rubbish that is not Christianity;
  3. to show the true wildness of the deal really on offer;
  4. to serve the drug & club community by doing this;
  5. and gain some brothers and sisters for ever on that eternal Day.

This is the dream. We believe it is God's. So we believe it will come to pass.

project origination

The folk behind this still rate much of the music in the scene, the parts that are beautiful in a pure way (and that doesn't rule out dark and awesome b-lines - cos our boss, him got some fair old gat, strolling round with his AK on that last Day). Formerly having spent every minute of their existence plugged in to tunes and drugs; in the midst of 9bars, gold dots & speed, seeking after happiness & finding mainly - in the end - pain, much much pain, we bumped into Jesus Christ and some years on thought something like this:

"Man, if only someone had told us this wildness back in the day, it blows the mind, I might have listened had I really known it wasn't about wearing a suit and a tie, and being boring and a bible basher, and doing good etc etc. Maybe if someone had told me the revolutionary truth my mind and heart might have been blown a little more to consider this electrocutin' arab carpenter [that is, Jesus Christ] a whole LOT more seriously."

With this in mind, we sought to get on and make this possible for others, as we wished it had been for us [some of our associates are now dead, some are on prescribed medication - it is one way of 'dealing' with the pain]. So it is for love that we do this, in our spare time. This is our motive. Not numbers, not publicity, not ting like that. It is for you. For you! - the reader. It is for you, you have a soul, you will live for ever in heaven or in hell, and you matter. I've seen more than 10 thousand faces while handing out this flyer. I don't remember you all, but God does - he knows you, and he cares about you, and you matter.

So a piece of literature was written aimed at doped fragile minded party people (no offense intended - our minds were always very fragile at 6 am or so, unless we ate quantities of painkillers - and no, we are not talking about asprin). Then a website was written to give further opportunities to explore this well-known, yet unknown, arab carpenter's take on reality. Also there is a phone number, which we try to man 11am to 11pm: 0845 226 0650. [I wrote this about 8 years ago, time has gone on, and I have this phone permanently off, but if you text me on that number, or leave voicemail and tel no, I will get back to you still.]