real lives
from misery to life

This is from teenchallenge's site. Ten or so lives changed completely from real torment, and hopelessness.

Jorge Valdés

One big time dealer came to meet a man bigger than all druglords.

'I think this is all for real
- what should I do now?'

This is a great site if your heart has been moved and you want to know where next. These guys have taken time thinking how best to help you. They are loving to people they disagree with which is always a good sign!!

more clear gospel
2 Ways To Live

This is very clear, simple and well laid out. Also at the end of this presentation is a great more info section offering loads of helpful advice, free e-books and stuff like that...

Steps to Peace with God

This is well designed and pretty clear, but a bit freeky with pray with Billy Graham section, but hey, the heart is right, and it is clear.

other ways of life
Roman Catholic?

This site is dedicated to Roman Catholics who are eager to know how to be saved.


This is the story of a very learned and well-known scholar & Iranian Muslim apostate, Nozad.

New Age, Mormonism, JW, occult, wicca?

This guy blatantly rocks cos he allows people to criticise him on his site! Also letters from wicca folk etc who respect him cos he is fair.

Stonewall Revisited

'Our goal is to offer social, ethical and spiritual alternatives to people. Educating people about alternatives provides them with a wider range of options for the critical life decisions they must make.' This site refers to another excellent site: First Stone ministries.


apparently its for kids, but we found it one of the best presented sites. It has a wicked questions and answer section - go to it for that alone!

Aussie Questions site

This site is great. Loads of question, and if you really want an answer then boy you'll get it, cos they got loads of optional detail in there!

answers in genesis

seeks to honor God as Creator, and to show the truth of the Biblical record of the real origin and history of the world and mankind.

you are just ignorant mothers
with no brains
for the academic

If you really think this - use your mind and find holes in the arguments on this and the linked pages.